CPU Miner Guide

Note: CPU mining is only for testing purpose. Please visit GPU Miner Guide for mining in production

You must first follow the steps in the Mainnet Guide, in order to download, configure, start your node and use Swagger (or any other openapi clients).

Please note that the default address and port for the REST API is

Start mining

Please make sure that your local node is fully synced before mining. We will add validation for this in our next major release.

You can start mining on your local node by doing a POST on /miners?action=start-mining.

The server should answer simply with true to confirm that the mining process has now started.

Please note that you will need first to configure your miner's addresses as explain the Create a new miner wallet section of the GPU Miner Guide.

Stop mining

Similarly, you can stop mining on your local node by doing a POST on /miners?action=stop-mining.

CPU Usage

You could tune how much CPU resources for mining by using the following two configs:

akka.actor.mining-dispatcher.fork-join-executor.parallelism-min = 1 // the minimal number of threads for mining
akka.actor.mining-dispatcher.fork-join-executor.parallelism-max = 4 // the maximal number of threads for mining