GPU Miner Guide

You must first follow the steps in the Full Node Starter Guide in order to download, start your node and use Swagger

Mining Information

  • 4 address groups and 16 chains in total
  • the target block time is 64 seconds
  • everyday, 24 * 60 * 60 / 64 * 16 = 21600 blocks are mined on average
  • the block rewards are 3 ALPH right now
  • all of the mined coins are locked for 500 minutes

For more information about mining rewards, please read this article Block Rewards.

You could get the estimated network hashrate from the log of your full node, or from the Grafana dashboard of the full node if you run it with docker-compose.

Create Miner Wallet

First, you must create a dedicated wallet for mining. As opposed to a traditional wallet, a miner wallet has multiple addresses which are used to collect mining rewards for each address group.

Create your miner wallet


The server will return you the new wallet mnemonic. Please backup and store it securely.


List your miner addresses


The server will return you 4 addresses for the next step:


Configure Miner Addresses

Now that you have gotten your 4 miner addresses, you must assign it to your node so you can earn rewards when it starts mining. This can be done by adding the following content in the file .alephium/user.conf under your home folder1: = "x.x.x.x:9973" // put your public IP here; otherwise remove this line
alephium.mining.miner-addresses = [

Please restart your node to make these new configs take effect. Please be sure to add them in the same order they were returned by the endpoint, as they are sorted according to their group.

Start Mining

The full node needs to be fully synced to the Alephium network before you could start mining. You could verify that by executing this endpoint:


Nvidia GPU

Please follow the instructions on to run the gpu miner for Nvidia GPUs.

Alternatively, you could run the gpu-miner with docker by following the documents here


Please follow the instructions on to run the gpu miner for AMD GPUs. Note that the performance of AMD miner is not in par with Nvidia miner.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the developers on Discord.

Miner Wallet More

Here are more endpoints that are useful for miners.

Get your balance


Change your active address


Transfer all your funds on the active address to another address


Unlock your wallet



The home folder depends on your system: C:\Users\<your-username> in Windows, /Users/<your-username> in macOS, /home/<your-username> in Linux.