Mining companion for your Alephium full node

Mining is the activity of securing the blockchain providing compute power, while getting mining block rewards in counterpart. Every block you mine has a reward attached to it, and this reward is sent to the mining wallet that has successfully mined the block.

On the Alephium blockchain, a mining wallet has multiple addresses referring to it, precisely one address per chain in the blockchain. Alephium mainnet has currently 4 groups, so a mining wallet for the mainnet has 4 addresses.

So when you're mining on Alephium blockchain, you'll soon end up having ALPH spread on all the addresses of your mining wallet.

So if you want to centralize the mining block rewards to a normal wallet (with a single address), the mining companion will help you automating this task!

The mining companion

The mining companion is a lightweight, standalone process which, in a nutshell, will connect to a Alephium full node to transfer the block rewards from all the addresses of your mining wallet to a normal, single address wallet. This transfer operation happens at a regular frequency, for instance every 15 minutes. At the trigger time, if the available (unlocked) amount is bigger than a certain threshold, say 20 ALPH, this amount is transferred to your normal wallet. So block rewards are grouped together to limit transaction fee.


So let's get started and run a mining companion.

The best way to run the mining companion is via Docker and docker-compose. This guide assumes you have docker and docker-compose already installed on your computer. Please refer to the official documentation to install these two technologies otherwise. You might even have your [Alephium full node running in a docker container](TODO LINK), but this step is not mandatory.

In a docker-compose.yml file, define the mining-companion service as the following:

version: "3"
    image: touilleio/alephium-mining-companion:v4
    restart: unless-stopped
      - no-new-privileges:true
      - ALEPHIUM_ENDPOINT=http://broker:12973

In the snippet above, replace YOUR WALLET ADDRESS HERE!! by the address of you normal wallet, for instance 14FGvG61tqzXXYi6UKtzjozMjxCArF1beoU4ogUqM2pAC and make sure ALEPHIUM_ENDPOINT points to your Alephium full node endpoint. Using http://localhost:12973 here is always wrong!

This is it, all the other default configuration options are safe to run. All the configuration options are listed in the [README file of the project source code](

You can then simply start the process, using docker-compose up -d mining-companion, and it will start transferring the block rewards to the address you put in the TRANSFER_ADDRESS variable.

DISCLAIMER: If you put a wrong address in TRANSFER_ADDRESS, your ALPH rewards cannot be used anymore (or at least not by you)!

So double check this address to avoid any mistake.


It is recommended to run one mining companion per Alephium full node, so that the mining wallet password stays local to the full node.