The network is young and growing rapidly. We will update the roadmap to reflect the latest priorities.

Community development

  • Coinmarketcap and Coingecko listings CoinmarketCap listing Done (currently as an untracked project since there is no public market for ALPH) Coingecko application form submitted
  • Exchange listing: this is working in progress with highest priority
  • AMD GPU miner: this is working in progress with high priority
  • Mining pool: initial investigation is done, we might work on it soon
  • Community bounty/grants program: this is started, need more time to polish details

Core development

  • Improve the UX for smart contract development. We will start to build some dApps once the endpoints are more mature
  • Document the core design of Alephium, so that it is easier to onboard new developers
  • Design and implement bridges to other chains. Several friends did some initial investigation
  • Improve the robustness and efficiency of networking modules
  • Improve IO efficiency of full node
  • multi-node clique stabilization