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Getting Started


Download Application File

Download file explorer-backend-x.x.x.jar from Github release.

Create the database:

  1. Start the postgresql service.
  2. Login to the PostgreSQL shell with the default postgres user:
    psql postgres # or `psql -U postgres` depending on your OS
  3. Ensure that the postgres role exists, and if not, create it. List all roles:
    postgres=# \du
    Create postgres role:
    postgres=# CREATE ROLE postgres WITH LOGIN;
  4. Then, create the database:
    postgres=# CREATE DATABASE explorer;

Start your explorer-backend

java -jar explorer-backend-x.x.x.jar

Your explorer-backend will start to sync with the full node. It might take long the first time

Start from a snapshot

To reduce the first syncing time, you can restore one of our snapshot.

Snapshots are available at

Download the latest one, extract it, and run:

psql explorer < explorer-db-xxx.pg_dump

Please note that the explorer database must have been created before and be empty.