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Devnet Guide

It's dev-friendly to start a local devnet with empty block history and arbitrary amount of coins.

The installation of full node for devnet is the same as the mainnet: Full Node Starter Guide

The user.conf must be modified before starting the full node.

Please note that the default address and port for the REST API is


In the $HOME/.alephium/user.conf (user.conf if docker is used) file you have to add:

// in most cases, modify the following two lines
alephium.genesis.allocations = [{address = "<your-own-address>", amount = 1000000000000000000000000, lock-duration = 0 seconds}] // 1 million token allocated for your address
alephium.consensus.num-zeros-at-least-in-hash = 0 = 4
alephium.discovery.bootstrap = []
alephium.wallet.locking-timeout = 99999 minutes = true

// arbitrary mining addresses
alephium.mining.miner-addresses = [

Please put your own addresses for genesis allocations. You could also reduce num-zeros-at-least-in-hash to make mining faster.

More configurations can be found in $HOME/.alephium/network-4/, and logs can be found in $HOME/.alephium/logs/.

If you modify user.conf, then better to wipe out $HOME/.alephium/network-4/ before restarting the full node.


Devnet with the sample configuration file is able to automatically mine new blocks for all new transactions. There is no need to use CPU for mining.

If you want to use devnet for mining tests, please set a relative high difficulty as follows:

alephium.consensus.num-zeros-at-least-in-hash = 24